Sad News As Popular Nollywood Kingship Role Actor Dies -Photos

Death is inevitable. This current world is surely not our everlasting home. That is why we die at a certain time because God has a plan for all his creatures.

Nobody can deny that the world is sweet. Having a family to associate yourself with makes it even sweeter. But when you realise that every living soul shall taste death, that is the bitter side of life.

Death is something that will come naturally no matter how much we try to avoid it, either with sickness or by other unexpected means.

In recent times, we have seen many African movie stars pass away through serious illness and other means, but it should be noted that as much as we love ourselves, we have no control over death.

Sam Obiago:

Popular Nollywood actor, Sam Obiago, who is a well-known Nigerian, has passed away. The veteran actor is a well-respected personality in the African movie industry due to his professionalism and the leading roles he has played in many of his movies. Sam Obiago was featured in over 100 movies across Africa before his death, and he was also a movie producer.

The actor who bears Daddysam as his nickname is a Christian who is a member of the TREM church in Nigeria. Sam Obiago is married to a beautiful wife and he is blessed with two sons who are grown up already. Both of his sons are currently having their university education overseas.

Picture of his two sons and his wife:

It is indeed a big loss to the whole of Africa because we will miss him in new movies. How his family and his colleagues will cope without him remains to be seen because he is a kind-hearted man who always strives very hard to assist those who are close to him. We pray to God to give his family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

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