Robbers return GH¢51,900 after a deity invocation was placed on them.

Armed robbers who stole a sum of fifty-one thousand nine hundred Ghana Cedis have reportedly returned the money to the victims over the last weekend in the Upper West Regional capital, Wa after it was alleged that eight deities were invoked by owners of the robbed money.

Sources say the money was dropped at the doorstep of one of the owners of the monies who had earlier been subjected to torture by the gun-wielding robbers when they descended upon him during the attack.

According to reports, the money belongs to a group of traders who ply between Waand Leo, a trading town in Burkina Faso, a route now a hub for robbery attacks. The traders in their bid to outsmart the robbers decided to be handing over their monies to one of their colleagues during their trips for safety which has been a major method they have been using for quite some time now until the robbers discovered this strategy.

Narrating how the robbers bolted with the money, the traders after putting their monies together handed it over to a colleague who is the leader and returned home before their departure for Leo, the robbers identified the bearer of the monies and descended upon him, making away with the money.

However, the owners of the monies asked the robbers to return the monies within three days or be struck by the eight deities.

The Upper West Regional Police Command has confirmed that a case of robbery was reported and a statement of the complainant taken.

According to the Regional Police PRO, ASP Joy Afagbedzi, the complainant later came to report that the money had been deposited at his doorstep.

The police have since visited the house and confirmed that the money had been returned. The police however distanced themselves from the invocation of the deities, saying that their work is limited to protecting lives and property.

Residents are, however, wondering whether it was indeed the invocation of the deities which pushed the robbers to return the money or not.


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