Repented Soul: Akuapem Poloo Reveals She Has Repent And Even Turned Down Nvde Photo Deals – Video

Video vixen and photo model Akuapem Poloo has come out to reveal she has repented and not doing any nvde photoshoot again.

Poloo after her nvde photoshoot with her son her birthday was ridiculed by many Ghanaians for doing such a thing with her little boy.

This lead to her being invited to the police station and later being granted bail of GHC 100,000 for what she did.

In a recent interview, Akuapem Poloo revealed she has repented and not going back to her old nvde ways, saying she was doing all that just trying to get something on the table, but now she has made enough and won’t do it anymore.

She also revealed she had turned down a number of such deals in recent times, indicating her repentance and change from that act.

Video below

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