Put the Bible and Quran somewhere and let our leaders Swear Oaths with Our gods – Stonebwoy

Most at times politician who are admitted to new offices swear an oath with the religious books such as the Bible and Quran, however, they turn to swindle and do the contrary with no fear whatsoever , obviously without fear and unworried

Burniton Muisc president , Stonebwoy believes that relying on African Deities could do the magic since it appears the Bible and Quran takes long to punish certain perpetrators.

Stonebwoy says , going forward in this election coming December 7, leaders who would assume offices should be allowed to swear the oath with with African Deities

The Putuu hit maker believes that , that’s the way for good governance

“It Got me thinking That come this Elections our leaders And all who will assume public and civil offices may have to swear by our African Deities too.
These promises Must be Fulfilled
Africa Deserves A Better Leadership.. else where Are Gonna #RunGo” he tweeted

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