Prison warden impregnates and marries inmate’s wife, gives her husband Ghc145 as bride price.


Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS), Haliru Nababa has initiated a high-level disciplinary procedure into the circumstances leading to an illicit marriage contract between the Officer in Charge of the Suleja Custodial Centre, AbdulRahman Musa, an Assistant Controller of Corrections and the wife of an inmate under his custody.

The inmate (names withheld) is currently awaiting trial at the facility on charges of armed robbery and possession of illegal firearms.

While his wife had been visiting him regularly, she was said to have recently complained to relatives that she could no longer bear the agony of having her husband behind bars indefinitely and that she would be willing to file for a divorce.

The troubled inmate had consequently approached the officer in charge, Musa to help talk to the wife and make her see reason why she should be patient and not end their marriage.

According to Vanguard, a top official at the NCoS Headquarters disclosed that ACC Musa had taken advantage of the situation to lure the emotionally-deprived wife to his bed.

“Haven gotten her pregnant, he then proceeded to tie the knots with her without even his own Personal Assistant knowing. He did everything in secret to the point that not a single personnel knew about it”, a source said.

Consequently, ACC Musa on resumption from his wedding had approached the inmate and gave him N10,000(Ghc 144.23) while advising him to forget his wife, saying “she is a useless woman”.

When the troubled husband returned to the “yard”, he was said to have narrated his plight to his fellow inmates who became infuriated and starting singing protest songs.

While ACC Musa made to calm the situation down, the angry inmates were reported to have bathed him with faeces and urine.

Sources told Vanguard that the prison warden has now been redeployed to Kano state with immediate effect.

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