Pregnant Woman Allegedly Killed Unborn Baby Removed From Belly.

A pregnant woman believed to be in her 40’s has allegedly been killed by some unknown assailants with her unborn baby removed from her belly in the Ekumfi district in the Central Region.

According to reports, the pregnant woman was not known in the vicinity but was only spotted on Thursday when she visited a resident.

Reports indicates that the unborn baby that was removed from her belly was placed beside her with one of the baby’s legs chopped off.

Eyewitnesses said they saw the deceased on Thursday evening only for them to see her lifeless body early Friday morning around 6:00 am. Some believe that she was knocked down by a run away driver.

Others are also of the view that the pregnant woman was killed by some unknown killers who removed her baby from her belly.

Meanwhile, the case has been reported to Ekumfi Esuehyia Police for investigation while the body has been deposited at the morgue for autopsy.

Watch Video HERE.

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