Popular Slayqueen Jubilates after Doctors give her assurance that she can still give birth despite overuse of Postinor 2

In the video circulating online, the popular slay queen was seen dancing and singing like there is no tomorrow.

She also added she is happy that she can still l labour  her own kids even though she used pregnancy prevention pills like a daily meal.The slay queen took to social media to jubilate after she was told by doctors that she can fill carry her kids in her womb and nurse them herself.

Popular Nigerian slayqueen and Instagram influencer, Mandy Kiss shared a video of her jubilating over her chance of getting pregnant again after the overuse of sexual contraceptives and pu$$y tighteners.

She captioned the video:“After so many postinor and ogogoro, doctor said I can still be a mother. GOD I’m so grateful.

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