Pope Francis Instagram Account Caught Liking A Model’s Bikini Photo.

Pope Francis’ Instagram account @francisus liked a photo taken by a model dressed in a revealing outfit and cybernauts are confused.

A screenshot taken by an Instagram user, who clearly has a knack for controversy, shows how the Pope’s account liked a picture of the model, Natalia Garibotto, in a revealing tartan skirt.

The Pope’s account since then has unliked the photo and many are confused as to why he would be checking bikini shots in the first place.

Netizens are confused as to whether his account was hacked or he was actually looking at pictures of Natalia’s banging body.

The Pope’s account was among the 133,000 users to have liked the famous model’s picture.

Natalia Garibotto is an American-Brazilian model and social media star who is popular on Instagram under the username @nataagataa.

Whether the Pope was really checking out Natalia’s bikini shots or his account got hacked is a mystery yet to be uncovered.

The 27-year-old Brazilian model currently has over 2 million followers and her alluring body features are capable of attracting even the most spiritual of men

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