Policeman caught having sex with Covid-19 Patient in Isolation Center.

A Busiapolice officer have been caught having sex with a Covid-19 patient in isolation center.

The action took place at the Agricultural Training Center (ATC) in Busia.

The facility is usually guarded by 3 policeman and three prison warders. The center admit Covid-19 patient from the Busia Gk prison and neighbouring towns.

The whole issue started around 10:00 when one prison warder identified as Constable Emmanuel Ng’etich was seen engaging a Covid-19 patient in a conversation.

Another police officer who was curious about the scene went to tell his other colleagues about what Ng’etich is doing.

They all went to check what was happening with the warder and the patient.

After several minutes of searching, they heard noise coming from the female wards yard only to be told that Ng’etich is raping the woman he was just chatting with.

They were both found naked in bed and investigations are still ongoing.

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