Please Beg The gods To Forgive Me, I Won’t Chop a Lady In a River Again -Man Who Got Stuck Cries Out

The sad news this afternoon from Ashanti Region shows how a young Man and his girlfriend found themselves in trouble after chopping love with each other in one of the Powerful and renowned lakes in Ghana named Lake Bosomtwe.

The Youth of this days sees nothing wrong with the advice from their elders. They think they can do anything at anywhere and go unpunished.

We call talk about series of incidence at beach and other places, but such acts cannot be demonstrated in powerful rivers like Lake Bosomtwe.

Some Eyewitness made it known that the man in particular was in great pain and he was calling unto the elders of the town to have mercy on him and forgive him for chopping a Lady in the river of which he cannot come out.

The Eyewitness also claim that the young man stated that he will not do such a thing again and hence the traditional leaders in Ashanti Region should beg the gods to forgive him so that he can come out of the Lady.

This is to say that, the young man have actually learn his lessons and it will also be an example to all the youth and people who normally indulge in such act in rivers and sea to desist from that.

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