PHOTOS: Man cuts off part of his manh**d to control his libido

A man in Benue state, identified as Terhemen Anongo, popularly called Doc K or Bob Korna, has cut off part of his genitals to curb his libido.

Since he couldn’t control his thirst for women, he decided to take the advice in the Bible by cutting off that which causes him to sin.

Mr Anongo is popularly called Doctor K because he was a student of the University of Ibadan Medical School.

He dropped out in his final year in 2007 owing to psychiatric reasons and has been living alone in his father’s house, having chased out all other relatives who he accused of being behind his plight.

Despite dropping out of school, he is highly articulate and seen as intelligent.

Mr Anongo is said to have sought genital surgery from several professionals, but they all turned him down.

Since he had a bit of medical experience, he took matters into his own hands. He acquired the required tools and medications and proceeded to perform the surgery.

He chopped off his right testicle after dabbing local anaesthetics on it and was determined to remove the left one as well but stopped due to excessive bleeding.

It is reported he walked to a medical facility where he was treated and discharged after a few days on admission.

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