Photos: Jealous Daughter Of Eve kills husband for sleeping with her sister.

A Lady has killed her husband for allegedly sleeping with her sister. In any situation you find yourself be sure to stay calm before taking any decision because the worst decisions are usually taken in the state of anger. Many have been sent to jail and many people have lost their lives just because they couldn’ t control their anger. If you are a hot- tempered person try as much as possible to tackle your anger issues. The name of the lady you are seeing in the above picture is Temitope Adebamiro, she killed her husband for allegedly sleeping with her sister and the worst part is that she couldn’t even prove it.

She’ s a US- based Nigerian and the nasty incident happened in their residence in the United States of America some years ago. She was immediately arrested by the police for questioning. She told the police that her husband cheated on her severally, she didn’ t agree to to the crime she had committed and rather told the police that her husband took his own life by stabbing himself continuously. She went further to tell the police that her husband usually beats her up, cheats on her with so many women including her blood sister and that was fed up with the marriage.

Personally, I feel that anybody who is married should be physically, emotionally and mentally ready for any issues he or she is about to experience in the marriage. No amount of quarrel should cause you to inflict pain on your partner or go to the extent of killing them, such an act is really discouraged in our society. Temitope was charged for murder and was sent to prison.

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