PHOTOS: Fear grips man who found pot covered with red cloth, knife in his shop

A Sawmill operator at Breman Asikuma in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa district of the Central Region, Yaw Prince, has found a strange pot covered with red cloth and a knife in his shop.

The pot, which contains blood, was positioned near a particular machine operated by Yaw Prince.

Yaw Prince who spoke to Adom News on discovering the strange items, expressed worry about the situation and wondered why such a pot could find its way to his shop.

He said he has not offended anyone and could not fathom why someone would want to have him killed.

“I don’t remember having issues with anybody so why this? Do they want to kill me and why would they,” the traumatized victim queried.

He said he will fast and pray over the issue as he intends to close the shop till further notice.

strange pot
Source: Adom News

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