Photo: Four(4) men killed by hanging for gang raping a woman in front of her husband

Four men have been executed by hanging in Iran for gang-raping a woman in front of her husband, it is alleged that they tied up the husband and fasting to watch the whole incident as it took place this is the most treacherous the most painful thing that could be done to a man and no amount of killing would make up for it because he still has to live with this woman.

It is believed in Iran men who are Suspects of rape are rarely prosecuted but in fact the women who are the victims are the ones who would be prosecuted for indecency and other crimes, so this comes as a surprise too many people in Iran because they’re so used to blaming the women for all the things that happen to them.

It is also believed that Iran is one of the six countries in the world that prosecute people who are found of rape by hanging them, but it is also known that this is their favourite style of punishment when it comes to severe crimes.

The South African government has tried to be very strict with rapists and they have succeeded but in most cases it is not easy to prove rape and in other cases man falsely accused of rape and end up spending a lot of time in jail, this creates more problems than it solves because then they turned those men into hardened criminals.

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