People Are Eating Human Beings As Meat – Clergywoman Reveals

In what we have chanced upon as a bizarre video, a popular Nigerian clergywoman warned her members about the kind of food they eat.

During the sermon, the clergywoman urged her church members to be serious in prayers as commanded by Jesus Christ as the food they eat seems not to be what they imagine.

According to her, some of the meat they cook and eat are human meat and their red oil or palm oil is also human blood.

She made the revelation in the video below which has gone viral on social media.

Reacting to this;

kosiso.o wrote; At this point that woman in blue knew it was time for her to leave the church.

ugoocarson commented; That lady in blue doesn’t believe a shit from that woman. I’m happy at least

itzbizy noted; God please deliver African from lack of knowledge the foolishness don too much

mihz_tania had this to say: Education is the key… some people really need.. so palm kernel is now human being meat lol

In other news, the same clergywoman made us understood that anyone with dreadlocks is likely going to miss the chance of making it to heaven.

She can be seen talking to her congregation in the viral video when she claims that people who have dreadlocks have almost no chance of succeeding in the heavenly race.

She claimed to have seen a deemmon with the infamous hairdo but snakes dancing around its head instead of hair.

She continued by saying that Jesus had revealed to her that the spirit that follows everyone who wears dreadlocks is what accounts for the peculiar behavior of individuals who maintain the hairdo.

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