“Patapaa Looks Like an Animal” – Lilwin Shades

It looks like the rivalry and bad blood between the actor and hiplife musician is not ending anytime soon.

Lilwin has dragged Patapaa in the mud again after saying he’ll rather pour water into his beats than to listen to his songs.

In an interview on Nkonkonsa TV, Lilwin said Patapaa is a disgrace to Ghana Music Industry.

He also added that Patapaa is living a fake life and deceiving Ghanaians about his relationship with his German Girlfriend.

“Patapaa lives a fake life. We were all here in Ghana when Patapaa said his wife had bought a car for his birthday. Where is the Car?” He questioned

He also tagged Patapaa an an animal who is destroying the image of Ghana Music.

I would soak water in my ears rather than to listen to Patapaa’s songs… He looks like an animal” he said.

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