Patapaa finally discloses reasons why he dislikes Kuame Eugene

The “One Corner” hitmaker has for some few years had a bad blood with hilife sensational singer Kuame Eugene and he has finally revealed what caused the bad blood.

Patapaa never misses any chance to pick on the “Angela” hitmaker claiming he’s “too known” . Patapaa in an interview on TV Africa said that Kuame Eugene came to the limelight by way of luck and not his hardwork as he has always claimed.

Patapaa Amisty.

According to him, the award winning singer signed to Lynx Entertainment is living a fake life because he lives in a rented house but always behaves as if he’s rich.

Kuame Eugene

Speaking on why he hates him, Patapaa said Kuame Eugene was trying to end his career when he said his songs are just making noise. He said that statement makes him hate him more.

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