Pamper your husbands with good s3x if you offend them

Pamper your husbands with good s3x if you offend them, Counsellor tells women

Wives have been urged to continue to spice their love relationship with their husbands by giving them good sex and at times massage their feet when they return from work.

Controversial marriage counsellor Charlotte Oduro argues that two wrongs never make a right and that if the men fail to do what is right, the women should not shirk their responsibility.

“If one is not appreciating you not because of what you are doing, do not pay him back. Do your part as you must do it. I know when my husband comes home he needs to eat this, I need to pamper him, massage his legs and give him good sex.

Some of the women say they cannot do that because they are embittered”, she observed on Okay Fm’s Ekwanso Dwodwo with Abeiku Santana monitored by

She argued that she is not siding with the men but urged them to also try as much as possible to find out the needs of their wives aside from the money, cars and material things.

“Also cultivate the habit of finding out from your wives what they need aside from the cars and money you have given them.

Your time, your patience, how you address her and how you take care of her. It is not all about money. No!

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