Old Woman Displays Craziest S3x Styles She Gave A Mallam That Almost Paralyzed Her. Mind-blowing Video Drops -VIDEO

A 60-year-old woman has left Ghanaians laughing on the internet after taking to a radio station to display how a mallam asked her to make love to him before helping her spiritually.

The old woman who hails from the western region displayed the styles the mallam requested and left the hostess of the show laughing.

While displaying the styles, she stood from the chair she was in and lied prostrate on the floor. All these while, she was weeping bitterly

She described how she trusted the Mallam when she asked her to bend down so he could insert the medicine into the proper place, but she soon realized he was doing something else because she felt his manhood in her.

After he had his way with her in that position, he asked her to lie down and raise her legs in an awkward position where he had his second sex with her.

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