Ogidi Brown Threatens To Kill Fameye In 14 Days With “Antoa” if he refuse to refund him his Investment.

Ogidi Brown of OG Muisc is back with his back and forth charade with his Former signee Fameye

Ogidi in a latest video has revealed that he is going to kill Fameye  using Smaller gods/dieties.

In the video available to mrfrances.com , Ogidi Brown took a swipe at Ghana media saying there is no truth in the media and the industry

Per what he saying , it saddens him that fameye could organize shows and not informing him.

He noted that he never went to Court because Fameyeand his team have been begging him and promising to pay his $50,000

The CEO of OGB Muisc revealed that he won’t seek redress at Court ,but would resort to famous ‘ANTOA‘ where he will murder and curse fameye.

He further noted that Fameye has only two weeks to settle him.

Watch Video HERE:

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