No Way; After Chopping Me Day and Night For 10 Years, You Want To Divorce Me??-WATCH VIDEO

There was massive drama as a wife burst into anger after her husband threw her belongings outside their room.

The said lady has been the internet sensation due to how she spoke out her mind in anger in an open place.

More so, the husband did this whiles it was raining and the lady cannot understand her husband’s action.

A female tenant in their compound house recorded this video whiles the lady was angrily quarreling. The video recorder mentions the name of this lady to be Jennifer.

The female tenant asked Jennifer that what has provoked her so much she is quarreling with her husband whiles it is raining.

Jennifer replies to the tenant that the husband has thrown her belongings into the rain and asked her to go to the parents.

According to Jennifer, they have been living as husband and wife for the past ten years and she does everything for her husband.

She told the neighbour, “He has been sleeping with me for ten good years; he sleeps with me in the morning, afternoon and evening. And now he is telling me to go back to my mother, I won’t leave. Take my belongings back to our room”.

The tenant ask Jennifer the reason why the husband has thrown her belongings outside and she replied that he has been sleeping with some ‘dirty and slim’ side chick. When she talk about this he got angry and threw her things away.

Jennifer was captured insulting the husband that he is a ‘foolish’ man. The pains from her husband’s actions make her behave as if she is ‘mad’. Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that the lady has no respect for her husband.×250&!6&btvi=4&fsb=1&xpc=FlGAxhQCpn&p=https%3A// CONTENT

Even if your husband has thrown your belongings away for the wrong reason is that how you disgrace your 10 years of marriage?

Some Ghanaians also said that the ladies who scream and insult their husbands because of issues have no proper training and those marriages mostly don’t last.

As this lady was screaming and insulting the husband to the hearing of people, the husband did not even come out of his room.

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