“No Pastor should hype 2021 with prophecies and visions” – Actress Paschaline Alex

On the 31st December of every successful year, there are always doom prophecies that is given by self-acclaimed men of God all over the world especially in Africa.

Most of the prophecies that is giving out does not prove fruitful. Some does not work the way they were supposed to. A huge percentage also turn out to be lies.

Most pastors end up disgracing themselves before the end of the year because they give fake prophecies about others and impractical happenings.

In order to avoid all this, the actress took to her social media page to warn everybody to desist from such prophesies this year. She also warn others to stop giving visions of the future through spiritual means.

she wrote “I like the way nobody is hyping 2021 with vision and prophecy. Please let’s leave it that way bikonu”.

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