Nigerian Comedian Pararan Explains Why Nigeria Is Leading Ghana In Entertainment (video)

Popular Nigerian comedian who double as a new caster Pararan has explained why Ghana’s entertainment industry is always sinking.

According to the comedian Ghanaians has time to promote negative and unnecessary stuffs more than putting much effort on the positive and necessary news.

He added that, instead of making good thing out of the time we have, we rather see our entertainers propagating and talking about “Papa No” issue which doesn’t have any impact on our entertainment industry.

He then advised the bloggers and presenters to stop asking questions that will bring fight between two artistes anytime the artistes are on their shows to promote there up coming projects.

“Just learn how to promote your artiste, stop promoting quarrel, arguments, this is on top of this, this on top of this, you guy are bringing your entertainment down.”

He concluded that Ghanaians always say Nigerian’s population is huge that’s why their entertainment is moving but that’s not the case. He added that the case is if you create good music and promote it a lot of people will dance to it because Jamaica’s population is not all that big but their contents are good that’s why they are moving forward.

Watch Video Here:

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