“Nayas has Disappointed me and I’ll Cut Her Off” – Pamela Odame

Ghanaian actress, model and vixen, Pamela Odame Watara has expressed her disappointment in Nayas 1.

Speaking in an interview with Nana Adwoa on Atinka TV which was monitored by mrfrances.com, Pamela stated that Nayas failed to protect her as a friend.

The popular social media sensation, who sees Nayas as a big Sister wailed over her actions when Nana Tornado sat on her show to spew lies about her.

If you would recall, Nayas was the host of the show where Tornado alleged that Pamela was a prostitute—and they had a one night stand some years ago.

According to her, Nayas shouldn’t have allowed Nana Tornado to make such a remark on the show.

She questioned whether she would have sat unconcern if such false comments were being made about her biological family member.

Pamela Odame emphasized that she [Nayas] didn’t respect the friendship that they have.

Based on this, the big-breasted actress stated that their friend won’t be the same as it used to be

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