My Pastor Wants Me To Be His Second Wife – Young Lady Needs Your Opinion.

My name is Sandra and I’m 24 years old from Gauteng Province. I’m still at varsity studying chemical engineering and I’m also a devoted church member.

For the past three months my 44-year-old pastor have been pursuing me and he wants me to be his second wife.

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The problem began when I sent some pictures by mistake to him and I wanted to send them my boyfriend.

The pastor told that the pictures are beautiful and I should send him more of which I refused to. And now the pastor is interested in me being his second wife.

I feel like I’m still too young to be someone’s second wife, because I still have a chance to have my own man and settle down, not this thing of being a second wife.

I want to finish my qualifications and have my own income.

I really don’t know what to do at this stage? Should I accept my pastor’s offer?

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