My husband used our son for blood money (SAKAWA) because he wanted quick money – Wife

Rita Tetteh Korkor, a mother of three has revealed his ex husband used their first son for money rituals ( SAKAWA) becauss he wanted to make money so quickly.

The mother narrating her story to SVTV Africa disclosed that the husband informed her about his plans though she was against it

According to Rita she advised her husband the repercussions of going for blood money telling him that will demand a human sacrifice which she does not want to be associated with any of that.

Rita narrated that her advise to the husband fell on deaf ears as the husband went ahead and with what he wanted to do.

“I told him not to go because the ritual may demand a human sacrifice so I don’t want any part of it. Eventually, he came home with an item, hang it in the room, and warned us not to touch it,” She said.

Rita continued that the husband brought something in the room, she took it off when she realized that her son has fallen ill.

“When my son fell ill, I realized that he used my son for the money ritual. So I told my parents about it, and sought help for my son,” She added.

The husband subsequently blamed and tagged Rita as a witch for causing his money ritual not to have worked so that he will be rich. According to him, no one was supposed to be informed but his wife Rita informed others.

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