My husband secretly sleeps with a rich man’s Wife for money – Woman cries

Tue woman who has been married to her husband of which they have 2 kids has expressed her marital stress to relationship coach David Bondze-Mbir.

According to her, she earns not less than 3000gh a month and her husband earns around 4,500. With this they live a happy couple with no stress.

She said her husband started changing attitude and began introducing weird sex position which she finds surprising. He has also started living extravagant lifestyle.

All these caused the woman to start suspecting her husband. She started spying on him till she one day saw him enter a big house.

She then explain everything to the security man and begged him to allow her in to save her marriage. She was directed to the bedroom and what she saw surprised her.

Her husband was banging another man’s wife as the man watching. Meaning her husband get paid by the man to have sex with his wife as he watch.

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