My Husband Hid His Pen!s Size From Me Till Our Wedding Night Now I’m Heart BROKEN

A devastated lady has cried out and seeks help after what she discovered on her wedding night.

She wrote:

Ayo and I met through a friend In Isake-Eko. He was tall dark and handsome with good job. It didn’t take time for Ayo to propose. The day he asked me to marry him was the happiest day of my life.

Ayo spent heavily on me and it made me love him the more. He didn’t allow me see his nakedness while we were dating. According to him, its morally wrong to indulge in any form of sex act while we were not yet married. I was happy with his decision little did I know he was deliberately hiding his manhood from me and saving the disappointment I would feel for our wedding night.

On my wedding night, I saw my husband’s penis for the first time and I became instantly heartbroken. His penis size is abnormally small, very small, as small as my last finger .I’m not used to useless penis sizes, I’m used to the huge ones.

Now, I don’t know what to do. Should I divorce him or get myself a man outside my marriage to take care of me in bed?

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