‘My Girlfriend Hides The Ring I Gave Her Any Time She Takes Pictures & Videos’ – Young Guy Says

A young guy has taken to social media to share his relationship as he seeks advice from social media users.

This guy shared his story on the popular social media platform, Facebook via the popular social media relationship coach, Auntie Momoza.

Read the post below;

“Hi Aunti
Please keep me anonymous. I just need an advice mainly from women.
So I’ve been seeing this lady for a while. I got her a ring but she hides it mostly when taking pictures and tiktok videos. I just wanted to know that is it a norm for such?
Any advice from women will be highly appreciated 🙏🏻.”

Some reactions the post got are;

Shaz LeeLove – You got her a ring that was accompanied by a letter requesting to send your uncle’s to her place to negotiate to marry her then did just that or nje you just got her a lucky packet ring?if so then she has every reason to hide it ska thibela ngwana omongwe di opportunity txa go nyalwa poi🥺🤸

Barry Hlongwa – Ah dawg, looking for advice about a snake from snakes. They’ll tell you you’re imagining things

Kamogelo Mafolo – You got her a ring but didn’t marry she have the ryt to hide it 😂

Fikile Tshabalala II – Witch craft is real my brother she might be protecting whats brewing from her enemies and strike them with the surprise when its official.. I would do that too. Akere they say keep it private till its permanent. That’s a smart move if you ask me.

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