My boyfriend stood by me after I got pregnant twice for 2 different men while we were dating

To some men, cheating from the side of a woman in a relationship would be an end to that relationship. No matter who comes to talk, some men, can’t forgive a woman who ever cheats on them.

Well, it will interest you to know that there are some other men out there who can condone their woman having an affair with other men.

According to an American Twitter user, @yannasoraw, she got pregnant twice for two different men while dating her boyfriend but he never got angry. Instead, he stood to support her.

She tweeted

I got pregnant on this nigga twice with 2 different men. He loved me through 2 whole relationships and never said a word. He never judged me. He been right here beside me through it all. That’s love. So yes, I accept my man wholeheartedly however he comes at any stage of life.

She continued to say that her man too can sleep with any woman he loves and she will never walk away.

My nigga could fuck a b!tch in front of me, I’m taking em back. That shit so light to me now, like it literally holds no weight. When a man show you he gone be there through rain, sleet, and snow you gotta learn how to grow TF up and overlook the bullshit. Focus on what matters.

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