My 40 Years Old Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Move Out Of His Mother’s House’ – Lady Laments

A lady has taken to social media to lament over her ordeal that has got to do with her boyfriend.

According to this lady, she is dating a 40-year-old man, however, this man does not want to move out of his mother’s house.

She made this known in a recent letter she wrote to the popular social media relationship coach, Auntie Momoza and it reads;

“Hi Auntie Mo. Please keep me unknown. My boyfriend is 40 but he doesn’t want to move out of his mother’s house. He stays with his parents, grandparents, 3 sisters and their countless crèche, 2 brothers and and their girlfriends. He drives a BMW and Polo but he refuses to find his own place. He says he’s not ready to be away from his mother, he can only leave when his mom does. The mom is 60 but she looks his age, I see her dying naturally anytime soon. My biggest problem is he wants a baby and I don’t want my child to grow in a house that looks like an EFF rally. What can I do to encourage him to grow up?”

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