Must Read: “My Principal Introduced Me To Masturbation, My Life Was Destroyed From That Day”

My Principal Introduced Me To Masturbation

A man by the name Joel not his real name and didn’t want to disclose his face because so security reasons with Ngugi wa Karanja on YouTube had narrated how his principal introduced him to Masturbation when he was in form four doing his final exam.

According to Joel he was living with his best friend in town where the parents rented a house for them to be studying till late night on school when they were in form four, since the school was far from home.

He claims that the principal invited him to his place after doing his exam saying he wanted to have a boys chat, so after he went he found him alone and the questions he started asking him made him know they was something wrong.

He says that he started touching his manhood and when he tried to refuse he told him that he wanted to see if he was a real man because the things he has told him and the shock on his face has made him doubt whether he is a man.

Joel says that he found he had released and that when the principal stopped and because he was afraid he asked him if he can go home he will come back tomorrow, after he went home he never open up to his friend.

After that he never saw the principal again and he tried to do what he was doing and just like that he became addicted to it and started doing it on daily basis, he was in a relationship with a girl and it ended.

He says that his life was completely destroyed and he did it for years until he felt it was too much for him and after seeing interviews on YouTube of People who has been on masturbation and he decided to stop and married.

Joel has urged parents to always stay close with their kids and not only to leave all the responsibilities to the teacher’s like most parents do because some of them have evil minds and deeds

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