Must Read For Men: Check Out  The Best Age To Break A Lady’s Virginity

Losing your virginity is a big moment in anybody’s life. But what is the perfect age to lose your virginity?

Many people have different opinions on this topic and that is understandable.

Over the 1000s of years of humanity many ages have been defined as the perfect to lose virginity.

For example – during Shakespeare’s time girls aged 12 or 13 were already mothers (an information I got from reading Romeo and Juliet). But According to the life span of humans today (70-90) and the life style, I think I am correct in saying the perfect age to to lose your virginity in this century is 15-25 years old.

I know for sure that is a big range but I think I have very good reasons to justify that big range.

I think 15 is the minimum age a person should be to lose their virginity because, 15 is the age that most people just become mature enough to understand the possible ‘bad’ consequences of having s3x and how to deal with these consequences if they were to happen.

By ‘consequences’ I mean, things like unplanned pregnancy or STDs.

Let us face it s3x is a fun thing but it can also be a very serious matter that could affect your entire life.

For example- unplanned pregnancy could change your life around forever, especially if you are a teenager who is in full time study or even if you are not studying, it will affect your way of working up a trade through apprenticeship, etc.

The same or even worse (death) could apply for STDs.

And I am of the notion that 14 years of age (on average) is just too young to maybe even understand what these consequences are let alone deal with it.

I think 25 is the maximum age a person should wait before losing the big V is simply because – if you are 25 years old, you have had enough time to complete your academic education (e.g.. degree) and get a job and make a decent living or if you dont go to university, then still its enough time for a person to work their way up though apprenticeship or just any other random job to earn a decent living and settle in life.

Thus allowing you to deal with the financial aspect of unplanned pregnancy or STDs and you are old enough and mature enough to understand everything. So because of this – for me, if you are 26 and still a virgin, you are getting a bit….errrr…old…..maybe…?

Obviously this is just my thought but I think I am not too wrong and am mostly correct.

Again, obviously, there will be a lot of anomalies.

By this, I mean, there will be people who are under 15 and are already mature enough to deal with the consequences and also there will be lots of people well into their late 20s but still immature as a 9 year old. So the range I have given is for ‘most people’ not everyone.

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