Morgue Worker Nabbed After Allegedly Having Sex With Female Corpses.

A 20-year-old devraped morgue worker has been nabbed after allegedly having sexual intercourse with female corpses.

The twisted perv, 20, allegedly performed the sick acts on dead bodies between March last year and this August at Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Police arrested the suspect, who has worked as an assistant at the morgue for two years, yesterday after allegations of necrophilia surfaced against him.

Swab samples taken from the bodies at the hospital’s forensic medicine department confirmed the presence of male sperm.

DNA tests completed at the Criminal Investigation Department of Police indicated the samples were from a single person.

Jisan Ul Haque, the CID’s assistant superintendent, said: “The man was arrested after police found evidence.

“Sexual intercourse with corpses, or necrophilia, is a serious and disgusting crime.”

Police claim that tests in their lab confirm a match with the suspect’s sperm and the fluid found inside the corpses, New Age reports.

Earlier this year, an American man was charged with necrophilia after he was caught having sex with a dead woman.

Sheriff’s deputies in Bibb County, Georgia, responded to a complaint in May that people were having sex outside a homeless shelter.

When officers asked the man to put his clothes back on, they made the sickening discovery the woman was unresponsive.

Emergency responders who arrived at the Daybreak resource center on Walnut Street confirmed the woman was dead.

Meanwhile, viewers of this year’s ITV drama Des were horrified when serial killer Dennis Nilsen defended necrophilia as “neither here nor there.

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