Moment man climbs mast, threatens to k.ill himself if his parents don’t get him a beautiful woman to marry

A man has threatened to book his ticket to the land of no return if his parents don’t get him a bride immediately. 

For this reason, he climbed a teleco mast and hanged up there saying he’ll allow himself to be electrocuted if his wish is not fufilled.

According to reports, the unnamed man climbed the mast in the central area of Gombe city, Gome state in the early hours of Sunday.

An eyewitness said the young man may have been suffering from depression.

He said in Hausa (translated to English); “For over three hours now, the young man has been up there insisting that he would commit suicide except his parent takes a bride for him.

“Right now I can confirm that operatives from the Fire Service, the police, and Civil Defence Corps have been appealing to him to come down.

“As you may see from the video clip, a man has climbed up to plead with him and from all indications, there’s hope that he is likely to comply.

“We’re told by someone who claims to be from the same neighborhood with him that he’s suffering from depression.

“He said the young man got depressed when his father died a few years ago.”

On whether relevant authorities provided cushioning materials for the young man to land safely in case he falls, the eyewitness said there was nothing to suggest such was provided.

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