Meet the Ghanaian lady who massages ‘balls’ for a living.

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A Ghanaian cosmetologist, identified as Vydash, who has specialised in massaging men’s balls (scrotum) to make a living, has opened up on her job.

As a massage therapist, she has explained her specialty path is to help improve erection in men, especially for those who fail to get an erection when they’re ready to go.

Bragging about happy ending being her hallmark, Vydash, in an interview, said she takes delight in making her clients happy.

“Some of the clients get hard even before you start and would touch some parts of my body during the process but I try to maintain professional because it is against my work ethics to get intimate with my clients,” she narrated.

According to her, the job gives her the opportunity to meet new people with whom she shares good contact while discharging her duties.

Despite certain challenges she disclosed her job is faced with, she announced plans to expand her business in the future to train interested persons.

“I would love to open a big SPA and employ people because the job pays,” she added.

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