Meet The Dirtiest Man Who Hasn’t Bathed For The Past 67 Years

Meet The 87-year-elderly person who is an Iranian, known as Amou Haji and has chosen not to bathe as he has a profound dread of water subsequent to experiencing some profound enthusiastic injuries in his childhood age.He as of now lives close to a town in the Kermanshah and has never washed for around 67 years now..

It has been reported by locals that he believes he’ll fall ill if he takes his bath hence he’s always covered in dirt and ash without water touching his body for the past 67 years.

As per reports he prefers smoking from his tobacco pipe and appreciates eating porcupine as his grimy has spoiled meat items and dead creatures.

He’s said to have taken on this way of life in the wake of confronting some passionate traumas  in his youthful  days and concerning him taking in water is additionally pretty much as more terrible as not bathing as he drinks five liters of water each day from a rusty tin.

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