Meet the Daughter of Rwandan President, Who Said Ladies Don’t Need Makeup to Look Pretty (Photos)

One thing most women can’t live without in this current generation and time is make-ups and cosmetics. They use cosmetics to upgrade their facial looks while some others use it to add magnificence to their appearances. It regards a degree however accompanies its own inconveniences as most men subsequent to getting hitched to women who are fixated on cosmetics, think twice about it.

They regret because the facial appearance they see after the marriage becomes entirely different from the one they saw before marrying. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of using facial makeups. But the problem we are having nowadays is that even the beautiful ones apply makeup just to feel among and this is not so good. The only daughter of the Rwandan President, Ange Kagame made this clear sometime ago.

According to her, women don’t need makeup to look pretty. She said this because she never puts on makeup and still glow flawlessly. Her beauty is just spectacular and rare, but before we go into that, let’s have a brief look at her profile.

Her name is Ange Kagame and she is the only daughter and second child of Rwandan current president, Paul Kagame. She took after her dad facially as she has a long face like him. Apart from that, this 27 year old lady has been involved in women empowerment, education, poverty eradication and so many more.

She is currently married to Bertrand Ndengeyingoma and the couple has been living peacefully ever since.


Her position as regards the use of makeup for women is not disputable as she looks very beautiful naturally. I just hope ladies can emulate this natural pattern and quit making up endlessly just to look temporarily and artificially beautiful

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