Meet Carlos Rodriguez, The Man Living Without Brains

Carlos Rodriguez, who is otherwise called Sosa has been living sound and typical despite the fact that he has no brain. As per reports, Carlos was a youngster who was brought into the world typical with his body parts all complete.

Carlos was a decent kid and was cherished by his folks and network however not until he became 14-year-old when he recognized himself for certain terrible groups in his area. He began utilizing alcohol, drugs and smoking high intoxicated substances.


There was a day when the teenager became so high on drugs and other dangerous substances that he had to snatch a car, probably to commit more crimes or something.

As he was driving and running away on a very high speed, he got into a very drastic auto-crash. He flew and burst through the car windshield and hit his head on a very hard asphalt. That was how his appearance changed.

He was quickly rushed to the hospital and the doctors managed to save his life, but a significant fragment of his skull and brain had to be removed. What baffled and still baffling people till date is that after all operations and rehabilitation had been done on him,

Carlos did not lost any memory even though a very good portion of his brains have been removed. He retained all memories and he’s been able to smile, laugh and interact with people positively. There was no question or contribution Carlos did not partake or participate in.

Scientists today do not have a precise explanation of how one can live without the brain and retain most of the mental functions. A popular hypothesis in the scientific community is that the nerve endings in the abdominal part are partially replaced by the traditional organ of thinking

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