Massive Stir As These Students Were Caught Doing It In a Classroom -WATCH

The gross disrespect for morality and civil behavior in our high school is speedily soaring like the eagle.

High School students are the crops we nurture to take the reigns of our beloved country but it seems we are sowing very bad seeds and if care is not taken our country will reap a very bad harvest and the current happenings occurring in our schools is proof of this fact.

The lack of discipline currently available in our educational systems is sending an indirect message to the students that their actions don’t have consequences hence they are free to do what they like and go scot-free.

A video of final year Senior High School students who are supposed to focus on their books to pass the West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination with flying colors — were rather displaying an act of tomfoolery in class. Conducts must be checked and molded by all the agents of socialization because it seems we are failing to raise productive and responsible members of our society.

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