Massive Stir As Female Musician Removes Her Wears and Urinates On Fans’ Face While On Stage; Video Goes Viral -[WATCH VIDEO]

There has been a massive stir on the information superhighways, thus, social media after a shocking video of a female musician did the unthinkable.

The footage has since gone viral after it hits on the internet and set many tongues wagging unceasingly, which seem not ending anytime soon.

According to reports, Brass Against front woman Sophia Urista has apologized for going “too far” by pɛɛiŋg on a fan onstage — while insisting she’s “not a shock artist.”

This wild incident went down Thursday night during the Welcome to Rockville festival at the Daytona International Speedway.

Sophia Urista was rocking out during their set — and performing a cover Rage Against the Machine’s “Wake Up” —

When she and the band apparently invited a guy in the front row to come on up and receive a golden shower … to which he happily obliged.

Unclear exactly if he knew what he was in for — but he seemed more than willing to lie down on stage (with a can mounted to his forehead) and let Urista do her thing.

The video of this incident became increasingly viral and when people started criticizing him, Singer had to apologize.

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