Man Uses Fake Account To Chat His Wife Who Agree To His Proposal And Chopping Terms.

A married man used a fake facebook account to text his own wife, only to get the shock of his life

Man uses a fake account to chat his wife only for her to agree to his proposal
Man uses a fake account to chat his wife only for her to agree to his proposal

A man has taken to social media to reveal how he got the shock of his life in his attempt to test his wife’s faithfulness.

Apparently, the said man was trying to see if his wife will fall for a random guy on social media, and to his surprise, his wife’s infidelity was beyond his imagination.

According to him, he used a fake account, posing as someone else to chat with his wife. His wife agreed to have all sorts of engagements with this new guy but would not leave her husband to settle with this guy because she loves her husband.

The new guy his wife met on Facebook agreed to her terms, at the end of the day, its only the honey pot that he wants to enjoy.

Fast forward, the new guy asked his wife to tell ‘him’ – her husband – that she would like to take a s3x break. The excuse was to make her honey pot fresh ahead of their s3xual encounter for the set date.

As if that was not enough, his wife took money from him to give to her sick aunt, only to transfer the money to this new guy she met on Facebook.

Meanwhile, his wife does not know that the guy behind the account whom she will be meeting in the coming weeks is her own husband.

If you were the man or the woman, what would you do on that very day.

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