Man Set To Marry Another Man After Allegedly Impregnating And Dumping His Ex

A man identified as Clarence Yarbrough has been reported to have dumped his ex-girlfriend after impregnating her after their engagement.

According to reports, Clarence got his ex-girlfriend pregnant, engaged her and dumped after a month to get married to his fellow man. He earlier shared a pre-wedding photos with his ex-girlfriend, revealing his intentions to settle down with her as a wife.

The wedding according to his post was scheduled for 3rd September 2022 but unfortunately, Clarence did not honor his promise to his ex-girlfriend as he dumped her to marry his fellow man believed to be his ex-boyfriend.

Kirk Scott, the man Clarence is preparing to marry also took to his social media page to debunk rumors of snatching him from his ex-girlfriend. According to him, he dated Clarence for two years but went their separate ways for six months.

He claimed that he never did anything to jeopardize Clarence’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, neither did the latter did anything to ruin his previous relationship.

However, he got in touch with Clarence to settle their differences and fortunately for him, they managed to arrive at a goal and reunited as a couple once again. He added the pride was what caused his first breakup with Clarence and since they have been able to resolve their issues, they are now set to get married.

See the photos below:

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