Man hangs himself after allegedly killing wife in Shama District

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Information reaching Skyy Power 93.5FM indicates that a man has hanged himself after allegedly killing his wife in Obinim-Okyena, a town in the Shama District of the Western Region.

An eyewitness speaking to Skyy 10:00 am Akan news made it known, the deceased, Mr Kojo Nyame and Madam Aba Kyere have been married for a long time and had between them four children before their marriage collapsed.

Aba Kyere after their divorce left Obinim-Okyena township and later return with two children she conceived with another man whiles she was away, however, this did not deter Kojo Nyame from accepting and remarrying his former wife which in the process had two children in addition.

According to the eyewitness, he had no idea about the problem between the couple but was later reported that the two were missing which the community organised a search party to look for them on the farms.

Also, they first discovered the dead body of the woman covered with palm leaves and after further search, saw the dead body of the man hanging on a tree with a robe attached to his neck which the witness alleged suicide to be the cause of his death.

The police were called to the scene to convey the bodies to the hospital for autopsy to determine the cause of death as investigations continue.

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