Man Hails Pizza Delivery Guy For Not Interrupting His ‘At0pa’Session After Arriving At His Front Door With His Package.

A man has taken to his Twitter page to heap praises on a delivery guy for not interrupting his bedroom session with his lady even after arriving at his front door with his package.

According to the man, he once hanged out with a lady in his home and after a short while, they decided to order for pizza while they watch a movie in the living room. He said that the chemistry between him and the lady drove them to unleash their sexual fantasies on each other.

He said that after he was done with the lady, she inquired if the pizza he ordered had not arrived yet and when he stepped out to check if the delivery guy was coming he saw the pizza in front of his door.

The young man intimated that the way his living room was deigned, it was very easy for someone to spot whatever he was doing in the room with the lady, hence he presumed the delivery guy might have chanced upon their session but refused to interrupt by dropping the pizza at the door and walking away quietly.

He could not comprehend how the delivery guy dropped the package without making a sound upon realizing what was going on in the room. He described the delivery guy as the best delivery guy ever for not interrupting his session.

See his tweet below:

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