Man Cries Uncontrollably As The iPhone 12 He Bought From A Market Turned Itel Phone When He Switched It On -See Photos

It will interest you to know that a man has gotten a shock of his life after he experienced the unexpected thing with the phone he bought from the market.

Well, it is so disheartening to realize that things you hustle to get turned not to be it.

Per what our portal gathered, this young man has set the social media ablaze after the iphone 12 he bought from the market turns Itel boot screen in a video circulating online. The video as spotted is believed to have happened in Nigeria.

This swapping of phones on the market will bring a lot of issues to many people. Most people who believe their phones are almost spoiled at times go to people who are selling phones in order to change them.

At times, when they change it, it could be that you may get a proper phone or bad one.

According to a video circulating on the social media saw this young man who went to the market to buy iphone 12 but the person who sold the phone to him gave him Itel.

The phone cover was seen as iphone but when the guy tried to switch it on, it later turns Itel screen.

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