Man Collapses After Having Too Much Affair With His Wife

Too much of everything is bad and this is a very truthful lesson of life and as a result, we all need to learn what our limits are — to protect ourselves from breaking down.

A man nearly lost his life after he exceeded his limits in his matrimonial bedroom with his wife. The wife shouted and cried out for assistance after she noticed her husband was lying down unconsciously after the fourth round of the marathon.

According to reports observed on social media, the husband complained about his wife’s high demand for the marathon and as a result, decided to go the extra mile to make his wife happy but that almost ended him in the grave.

The video of the incident recorded the wife shouting and crying for the assistance of the community to help her carry her husband to the hospital.

This incident brings us to the topic of young guys who take drugs to have fun with ladies thinking they are harming the ladies but rather harming themselves.

Men give something in the act but women just receive, the more you give, the weaker you become.

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