Man Boosts His Financial Status By Selling His Kidney For 29 Million, Says ”Bye Bye to Sapa”

A Nigerian man has caused a stir on social media after revealing he’s warming up to boost his financial status by selling his kidney.

The man Identified on Twitter as @Honiitel took to the popular microblogging platform to share a screenshot of a message he received from the person who needs a kidney.

The message from the kidney buyer seemed to have boosted the energy of the man who wants to sell his kidney and the money is huge.

Honiitel is expecting an amount of 29 million for the purchase of his kidney and the message he received from the buyer reads, ”I will credit you now, the operation is tomorrow.”

The man perceived this transaction as going to boost his financial status as he captioned his snapshot “Bye bye to Sapa. 29 Million incoming”

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