Man Beats Wife To Death Over Food

A 20-years-old man is currently in the grips of the police for beating his wife to death over food.

Reports from the Niger state Police Commandhave it that the two of them had a misunderstanding which resulted in both engaging in a serious fight.

In the course of their fight, the man identified as Danladi had anger take over him and resulted in him beating her into a coma.

She was rushed to the hospital where she died after a few minutes.

The deceased identified as Zulai Lawal after his arrest told the police that he never knew his actions could lead to the demise of his wife.

Narrating what triggered the fight, he told the police that he didn’t like the food she prepared and that led to the start of the fight in the first place.

Danlandi said: “I never knew she would die. It was just a misunderstanding over mere pap and I did not know that when she fainted, she would not wake up. I should never have beaten her. I regret my action.

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