Lesbian lovers ‘killed and chopped up hotel worker and kept victim’s head for days’

Two lesbian lovers accused of killing and chopping up a hotel worker allegedly kept his head, forearms, hands and feet for five days before throwing his torso into the sea.

Diogo Goncalves, 21, suffered a horrific death and was dismembered after his gruesome murder.

His body parts remained in two cars including his own Mercedes before the women allegedly dumped them near a waterfall called Pego do Inferno, close to the Algarve town of Tavira.

The body of Diogo Goncalves was dismembered and his torso thrown into the sea

Stomach-churning details about his killing and the disposal of his body emerged today as prosecutors prepared to put security worker Maria Malveiro, 19, and her nurse lover Mariana Fonseca, 23 on trial.

They are accused of killing the victim to get their hands on cash in his bank account.

Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha, which published parts of a state prosecution indictment against the pair, said they were accused of chopping off Diogo’s fingers to access his bank account from his mobile using his prints and steal a £60,000 inheritance.

Malveiro is said to have told an Algarve judge they were inspired by US police series Dexter.

The hit show stars Michael C Hall as a forensic technician who leads a double life as a vigilante serial killer.

Diogo was strangled to death on March 18 but the woman allegedly threw his torso into the sea from cliffs in the Algarve town of Sagres four days later.

They used a print from a finger they had cut from his right hand to access his mobile and transfer the cash, and waited another 24 hours to dump the rest of his body, prosecutors claim.

The indictment says they spent the three days between March 20 and 23 sending messages from his Facebook account to fool colleagues and friends into believing he was still alive.

They will be tried for a string of crimes including murder, desecrating a body, computer fraud and using a stolen vehicle.

Portuguese daily newspaper Jornal de Noticias claims Malveiro took advantage of the fact she knew Diogo “fancied” her to give him an orange juice laced with sedative Diazepam after promising him a lap dance at his home and tying him to a chair before strangling him and dismembering him with her nurse lover.

Reports at the time claimed the women allegedly tried to make it look as if he had killed himself by leaving the car overlooking the sea in Cape St Vincent in Sagres.

They said investigators suspected they messed up after throwing the torso from a cliff top fort near stunning Beliche Beach.

It failed to fall into the water and left cops vital clues after it ended up on dry land.

A Policia Judiciaria spokesman said in a statement after their arrests: “The PJ has identified and arrested two women on suspicion of a crime of murder and profanation of a body.

“The crimes occurred in the Algarve region between March 20 and 25.

“The victim, a Portuguese citizen aged 21 who lived on the Algarve, was dismembered and parts of his body have been found in the areas of Sagres and Tavira.

“The police investigation sparked by the appearance of the body parts in the Tavira area led to the obtention of important evidence and the identification and arrest of the suspects.

“The detainees are aged 19 and 23 and have a clean criminal record.”

The victim had received his inheritance after his mum was run over in July 2016 in Guia near Albufeira

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